1 grade pallet

Novator Pallet Euro pallet

Euro pallet consists of 11 boards of coniferous or hardwood, 9 pieces made of compressed sawdust or timber, 78 screw nails.

Length 800 mm
Width 1,200 mm
Height 144 mm
Weight Approx. 25 kg
Safe working load 1,500 kg


The availability of 4 sides, the chamfer of the lower boards helps to direct the loader trolley, without damaging the integrity of the lower board, thereby extending the life of the pallet.

Pallet`s cover

Novator Pallet pallet cover

Novator Pallet Ltd offers its own production of pallet covers delivered to all over Europe.

Novator Pallet pallet cover Novator Pallet pallet cover

Pallet covers help save on shipping thanks to a compact package in a truck trailer.

Novator Pallet pallet cover delivery