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Novator Pallet, Ltd

Our company is engaged in manufacturing of wooden containers European standard, as well as any other standards with different varieties of wood to customer specifications, and repair of second-hand pallets.

We realize pallets on Ukraine’s domestic market and for export to Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece. We sell pallets from our warehouse or with delivery to the buyer`s warehouse.

Europe delivery Novator Pallet
European delivery, Novator Pallet

The company “Novator Pallet” united around him like-minded producers, artists, professionals in the woodworking industry. Our partners are entrepreneurs Ukraine, producers of lumber, wooden products, fuel and energy materials. Past experience and partners enable us to improve and make economic production and delivery of wooden container to the customer.

This ensures an attractive price for our customers. Buy pallets can in our stock in Kiev, or order by phone and mail, which you will find on the menu Contact

Our experience working with Customs provide the client tranquility and confidence for timely delivery.

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Director Natalia:
 +38 (067) 788 73 70

Commercial Director Alexander:
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Mr. Evgeniy
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